Monday, March 11, 2013

So it's been a few days since my last post and I still have blogging on my mind. Funny thing is, there is nothing crazy exciting or unusual going on that makes me think hey, the works needs to know this. And we aren't (as a family or me as a person) that interesting either. Just busy. Today I drove 45 minutes away while the kids were at school to a nursery and came home. Then I did something so sad. I watched a little series on YouTube, called Last Days I think. It's basically interviews of people who have terminal illnesses and about, well...their last days. Terribly sad. Enlightening. Humbling. Perspective. So then I picked up my kids and snuggled with them as best I could before they ran outside to play with friends. I am very thankful for my handfuls. We did homework and dinner. Now the house is quite as Matt and I read/blog to the sound of the rain outside. Boring. Maybe? But I love my life. I am homebody and there is no where else I'd rather be. Except maybe the beach. Maybe. :) Disclaimer: this was typed from my phone. I'll find the errors tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day in the life.

A day in the life. Wake-up at 6:50, hit snooze, wake up at 6:59. Get up at 7am. Turn on the lights, put the kids clothes on their pillows so they can't say they can't find their clothes. Make my bed, brush my teeth. Roll-call, for the 4/5th time to get them to the bathroom. Threaten to not fix the girls hair. Get the boy downstairs because he is ready in 5. Throw on something, get the girls done,get them downstairs to start their breakfast and I put on some make-up. Get downstairs, help them finish breakfast. Get lunches made, agenda's and folder's in backpacks, coats, shoes, and anything else they need. Grab my preschool bag and leave the house at 8:05. Then 2 car lines until 8:25 then head to my preschool. Unless someone has forgotten something. In that case, run back home and to the respective school to drop off.Then go to work. Work until 1:15-ish. Go home. Start laundry, make other beds, clean up after breakfast, make phone calls, check emails, peruse FB/Pinterst, check the real mail, think about dinner or nix all that and go to Publix. 2:50 head to car lines. 3:35 get home. Pull out homework, think about dinner again. Get ready for practices, etc. Start dinner at 4, flash cards, reading, etc. for the kids. Eat at 5, divide and conquer and head out to respective activities for the kids. Hopefully home by 7, shower the kids, pick up their "dirties" and realize I forgot to change over the load from earlier. Do that. Start another load. Get the kids in bed, head downstairs to clean up after dinner. Fold the laundry from earlier or at least think about it.Shower. Lay down. Get up to turn off something, whether it's a light or a toy. Pray. Sleep. :)

About time

Busy Bees we are! Wow, what a year. Me working, all the kids in school, all of their activities. It seems like there is ZERO time to blog. Of course, I find time to check FB and Pinterest. It has been an amazing school year, both girls cheered and Wy played football. Sadie is still in piano and been diagnosed with ADD. We made it through the holidays and have just started Spring ball. Audrey won Little Miss Buford and now we just have to round out the rest of the year and make it to my all time favorite part of the year...SUMMER. Can't wait for family and beach time. Although family time means a bit more this summer since we will head home to OK for a bit since my dad has been diagnosed with cancer. There...there is where my year has gone.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wow! Almost 2 years since my last post! So much has changed! We are no longer residents of KS, Matt has new job and a new house. Back to the Southeast for us. Loving the weather here, we've been here since August. Audrey heads to school in the Fall and my kids are loving it here. I am going to try to and update more often (ha! I say, that EVERYTIME).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Really.

Okay, so I rarely post but I think that is acceptable since I don't have too many followers. Unlike some of my blogging friends I don't have awesome blogs with hundreds of followers. No pressure to blog for sure but I do like to update periodically to chronicle our lives, mainly so I can look back and show this to the kids. They LOVE looking at pictures of themselves. They think they are soooo funny. My pictures albums are in aweful condition since they flip through them quite regularly. It used to bug me, you know, them messing up the pages. But now that they are messed up, I think it's cute. Anyhow, I think I last blogged in April so what's new. Hmmm. In May Wyatt turned 5, he is growing up I tell you. He's been in t-ball and is just a great athlete. Sadie had her last day of school. She wasn't feeling well but was a tropper and spent the whole day there. She is such a good reader already! We are in swimming lesson now but Audrey sat out today because she has a scrape she is afraid of getting wet, that girl is crazy. My inlaws came for a week and then one of Matt's hunting friends came for a few days. And not much new with me. Hoping to make it to Oklahoma in July, which reminds me to call my mother right now before I forget. But I'll leave some updates pics of the kids.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Is Good!

Life is good, it's not always great but ALWAYS good. Matt, the kids and myself are so blessed. We are are happy and healthy and made it through another Kansas winter! This is my favorite time of year, with all the new life around! There is a kill deer bird who even laid her eggs on the lot next us, so we have been keeping an eye on it. Such a cool lesson for the kids. Unfortunately Matt is traveling here and there, and bad things usually happen in his absence, like in October it was me contracting swine flu. Last month the car battery died and I was gratefully rescued by my dear friend Heather (and my own mechanic skills, I replaced the battery)! This time it's the water heater. Seriously. But even when things aren't great, life is still good. Our time is being spend outside on the yard, at the kid's events (soccer) and at church. What is better than that? Sadie even won 2nd place in a writing contest at her school. Wyatt has a career 6 soccer goals and Audrey, well her conversing skills are the most adorable I've ever seen. Now I am off to make dinner for my awesome family! Like I said, life is good!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Admit It!

I am an awful blogger! A post every 3-4 months is not good. Especially since all the bloggers I follow post every 2-3 days! I just don't have to time (or energy) to do so. Speaking of energy, mine is returning with the sweet sunshine that has finally decided to come here to Kansas. Well, a bit of cold snap tomorrow, but the past week and a half have been great! Since I was last here so much has happened. We have kindergarten round-up for W this Friday, my little man is growing up fast! My brother got married in Idaho so the fam flew way up there for the event. And his baby is due in about 3 weeks. Do the math, I know, but we still love him! What else? Easter was just here and we did 3 hunts in one day. And while they are fun I don't get super excited about them because it's not the meaning of the holiday. But the kids know the reason, which melts my heart. I heard them discussing it in the backseat one day, so cute. From here on out we have kite days, zoo days, family fun night and other kinds of activities at school. Add that in with sports and church, we are a family on the go for sure. Life is good. We are happy, healthy and ready for what comes our way. My kids are so fun at their ages now. Really, lots of fun, makes me sad to think they all be grown up some day.

And just for giggles today Wyatt asked me why Carrie Underwood doesn't know her last name!