Friday, July 11, 2008


This has been a good summer so far. We've been to the pool a few times and had a good fourth of July. I am so glad we stayed home. We grilled out and the kids did some snakes, sparklers and poppers. What we didn't plan on which was great, was our neighborhood going CRAZY with the fireworks. In Matt's words, it was like being in a war zone. Literally EVERY house was shooting up the big works and it was great. It was loud and showy and fun. We live on the edge of town so we could look back at the horizon and see the tons of fireworks going off in town. It was pretty cool. The kids were up late but it was fun. We could feel the strapnel even.

While not terrribly active, we have had a lot of social commitments this summer. I have been busy with work and I had to go to Chicago for a week in June. It was so weird being without my little ones. I am not looking forward to doing that again but I do consider that a break from home even if I was working. I am so glad to have my flexible job so that I can spend most of the day with my kids. As Audrey grows I am reminded of Sadie and Wyatt at her age. It seems like just yesterday and now they are so big. I think this picture showcases their personalities perfectly.