Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Million Years!

It feels like a million years since I have blogged. The last half of this year has been a whirlwind! My oldest child started kindergarten, my baby started preschool and my son goes to full-day preschool a couple days a week. I quit my part-time job, it was too much to travel and the expectation to be away more was finally coming to fruition. I was being pulled in a million directions and to be honest multi-taking chores is one thing, your life is quite another.

My papa Hugh died in August, we went to Michigan in September, I came down with H1N1 in October and in November my dad became really sick so I left my family for several days to be with him. Add in all the school and church events and upkeep of the house and family, I am one crazy lady! So that is it in a nutshell. I have been so busy that I finally ordered some pictures but I was so backed up that had to order 1000 photos just to get caught up to this Fall! Coming up I have the girls' and my husband's birthday parties (I'll be baking a lot!) and my brother's wedding after Christmas. Don't know the exact date of that event but it's a funny story so we'll be in Idaho at some unknown point in the future. Oh, and Christmas, I have 2 gifts left to buy and 4 to make so I am sort of on top of that one. But it is a great and wonderful life I have been blessed with, so I don't mind it one bit. Well, I have my moments...