Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Is Good!

Life is good, it's not always great but ALWAYS good. Matt, the kids and myself are so blessed. We are are happy and healthy and made it through another Kansas winter! This is my favorite time of year, with all the new life around! There is a kill deer bird who even laid her eggs on the lot next us, so we have been keeping an eye on it. Such a cool lesson for the kids. Unfortunately Matt is traveling here and there, and bad things usually happen in his absence, like in October it was me contracting swine flu. Last month the car battery died and I was gratefully rescued by my dear friend Heather (and my own mechanic skills, I replaced the battery)! This time it's the water heater. Seriously. But even when things aren't great, life is still good. Our time is being spend outside on the yard, at the kid's events (soccer) and at church. What is better than that? Sadie even won 2nd place in a writing contest at her school. Wyatt has a career 6 soccer goals and Audrey, well her conversing skills are the most adorable I've ever seen. Now I am off to make dinner for my awesome family! Like I said, life is good!

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