Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting Ready

Tonight and tomorrow we are gearing up for Atlanta. We fly out Wednesday afternoon. We are really going so we can get the crappy renters out of our South Carolina house but we are making a trip of it with the whole family and are staying at Matt's sister's house to visit them and the in-laws. It's going to be fun! The will get to play with their cousins and it's going to be wild and of course the weather is calling for rain 3 out of the 5 days we will be there.

Sadie and Wyatt love going to the airport. They have flown several times and they are usually really good. But this time there are no layovers so it should be a pretty uneventful trip, except for Hartsfield International Airport, which I can say from lots of experience, SUCKS!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics to post when we return. I think I am serious about this blog thing, so be on the look out for updates!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Date with the Wind

We tried this last year to no avail, we absolutely could not get a kite in the air. So this year, we bought a really cool airplane kite in hopes of better luck. This was still a no go. So, we picked some super cheap kites at the toy store to try and see if it was the kite or the fliers. Finally some luck! The kids were able to fly their own kites and it was really neat to watch. They felt like such hot stuff and it shows!

Tooo Long!

Okay, I started this site about a year ago and haven't done a thing since! Awful, I know, but with three little ones running around (yes, Audrey walks AND runs now) there just aren't enough hours in a day. Especially to document the numerous happenings in the Getz household.

So many changes in the past year. Wow! I don't know where to start. We no longer live in Columbia, SC. Topeka, KS is our new home, only 5 hours from my mom. Of ourse, I always love buying/decorating a new house and I just went on a furniture shopping spree, so I am one happy camper! We love it, but it's been a long winter. Wyatt began preschool this year and he and Sadie are doing great there. I just got them into another really great preschool for next year and I am excited about that. I started working part-time. I leave the house one day a week to travel around KS and MO to audit medical records in nursing homes, but I am home by early afternoon. Then I do the rest of my work from home and I like it. I make my own schedule and am not micromananged at all, so it works out great for us.

Matt is going to LEAD in Minnesota for Target distribution. It is this thing you have to go to to be able to move up, so a promotion may be on the horizon. Go Matt!

Sadie went the salon on Friday, Wyatt's been scouting turkey hunting land with Matt and Audrey will be going to a big girl bed soon. I actually ordered it, but as usual with my luck, it is taking forever to get here. We are all thriving here and I love it! I can't wait for great weather. We're getting the kids a great swing set (Matt doesn't know this yet) and as soon as we get our fence, we'll be living outside. I really can't wait. I love spring and a lot of my bulbs are on their way!

Other than that, there's nothing else is going on in our little corner of paradise.