Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day in the life.

A day in the life. Wake-up at 6:50, hit snooze, wake up at 6:59. Get up at 7am. Turn on the lights, put the kids clothes on their pillows so they can't say they can't find their clothes. Make my bed, brush my teeth. Roll-call, for the 4/5th time to get them to the bathroom. Threaten to not fix the girls hair. Get the boy downstairs because he is ready in 5. Throw on something, get the girls done,get them downstairs to start their breakfast and I put on some make-up. Get downstairs, help them finish breakfast. Get lunches made, agenda's and folder's in backpacks, coats, shoes, and anything else they need. Grab my preschool bag and leave the house at 8:05. Then 2 car lines until 8:25 then head to my preschool. Unless someone has forgotten something. In that case, run back home and to the respective school to drop off.Then go to work. Work until 1:15-ish. Go home. Start laundry, make other beds, clean up after breakfast, make phone calls, check emails, peruse FB/Pinterst, check the real mail, think about dinner or nix all that and go to Publix. 2:50 head to car lines. 3:35 get home. Pull out homework, think about dinner again. Get ready for practices, etc. Start dinner at 4, flash cards, reading, etc. for the kids. Eat at 5, divide and conquer and head out to respective activities for the kids. Hopefully home by 7, shower the kids, pick up their "dirties" and realize I forgot to change over the load from earlier. Do that. Start another load. Get the kids in bed, head downstairs to clean up after dinner. Fold the laundry from earlier or at least think about it.Shower. Lay down. Get up to turn off something, whether it's a light or a toy. Pray. Sleep. :)

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