Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Admit It!

I am an awful blogger! A post every 3-4 months is not good. Especially since all the bloggers I follow post every 2-3 days! I just don't have to time (or energy) to do so. Speaking of energy, mine is returning with the sweet sunshine that has finally decided to come here to Kansas. Well, a bit of cold snap tomorrow, but the past week and a half have been great! Since I was last here so much has happened. We have kindergarten round-up for W this Friday, my little man is growing up fast! My brother got married in Idaho so the fam flew way up there for the event. And his baby is due in about 3 weeks. Do the math, I know, but we still love him! What else? Easter was just here and we did 3 hunts in one day. And while they are fun I don't get super excited about them because it's not the meaning of the holiday. But the kids know the reason, which melts my heart. I heard them discussing it in the backseat one day, so cute. From here on out we have kite days, zoo days, family fun night and other kinds of activities at school. Add that in with sports and church, we are a family on the go for sure. Life is good. We are happy, healthy and ready for what comes our way. My kids are so fun at their ages now. Really, lots of fun, makes me sad to think they all be grown up some day.

And just for giggles today Wyatt asked me why Carrie Underwood doesn't know her last name!

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