Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am sick today. Not deathly ill like a couple of months ago, but I'm feeling miserable none the less. The kids have been sick intermittently so it seems like there is always someone with an illness. Even Matt was feeling under the weather yesterday and that is very unusual. So we are sick and the weather sucks - I think I am starting to get cabin fever. When there is ice and snow, it is so yucky out and the kids complain about being cold if I force them out into the weather. It is so cold here and has been for while and I can't wait for Spring and the pool at the country club to open! I kept the kids home from preschool this week so we have had a lot of time together and I have had a lot of time for reflection and to be thankful for our truly blessed lives. Really, we are in good health (generally speaking), want for nothing, are in God's good graces (most days anyhow) and are just generally happy and thankful for it all. Some days I wonder what in the world could make this life better?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Addition

Well it has happened, we added to the family - via a new pet. We picked him up Sunday and we are all pretty excited about having him in our lives. Sadie has been begging for a pet for a while and even had a plastic worm she named Tiny that she carried around for a few days. She has been great at keeping him fed (so far). I keep saying he because we thought we had a name, Brutus.

But then I can't remember that for some weird reason so Rufus had been coming out of my mouth. The kids call him both so at this point we are undecided. He seems very calm and is semi-house broken. He HATES the cold weather and literally starts pulling at the door when we pick him up and take him out to potty. He tried some of my coffee yesterday and seems enamored by the stairs in the house therefore, we have to carry him with us. He doesn't seem to mind the kids at all! I think he'll blend in well.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dee Dee in Distress

Wyatt has a stuffed dog affectionately dubbed Dee Dee Bear. I don't know why but that is what Wyatt calls him. Oddly enough Matt had a blanket as a child that he called Dee Dee. So Wyatt had a birthday party to attend at Mickey D's and for some reason he took Dee Dee along. Amongst all the chaos somehow we left him in the play area but did not realize this until bedtime. Wyatt has had Dee Dee Bear since the day he was born and has been attached to him practically ever since. So when bedtime arrived and Dee Dee was nowhere to be found we knew we were in trouble. I ventured back to McDonald's and was looking in the play area like I was looking for a child. Seriously, I felt a little crazy asking the people at the counter to double check the lost and found and checking every nook and crannie of the play area like some stalker, but anything for my child's precious toy, right? I called the family who hosted the party and they had taken him home so I went by to rescue Dee Dee. I am so glad to have found him. Not only would Wyatt lost sleep(along with the rest of us from his whining - and guess how I know that), but I would have felt so much guilt for letting him loose his most favored toy. If you ask Wyatt who his best friend is, he'll reply, Dee Dee or Daddy!