Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Know Your Hungry When....

you are driving down the interstate and see a billboard with a sandwich on it, then as getting closer you realize it is a furniture store billboard with a leather couch with pillows. That was me last night on the the way to St. Louis. Thank goodness I am home!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I am really thankful right now. There are so many situations a person/family can fall into and I am telling you thank God literally it has not been me/us. I have a blessed life. And in all seriousness, glory be to God for it all!

Monday, May 4, 2009


May is filling up fast. Yesterday we held Wyatt's 4th Birthday party, and roughly 30 friends attended. Call me crazy, but it was fun. I think it might be the first birthday that he will ever remember and I think it was memorable. Next weekend I have a special getaway on Friday night, a baby shower on Saturday, Mother's Day and the circus on Sunday, then Wyatt's actual birthday on Monday. The next week I am having an Arbonne party followed by a weekend of hopefully finishing the basement. The next week I have my work trip to St. Louis and if I have enough energy, I plan to make it to my monthly once a month cooking group that I missed last month. Then for a couple of weeks we will have family in town. We are busy bees around here.

And did I mention that Wyatt gave Audrey a haircut? Poor thing, she doesn't have a lot to begin with. So now, being so short, it is especially frizzy and we can barely make her famous pig-tails.

This is Sadie acting a goofball at Wyatt's party.

Here is my Audrey striking a pose.

Here is Wy at his Pirate themed party and Wy again testing for his orange belt.