Sunday, August 24, 2008


It was the most beautiful day. Low 80's, perfectly blue sky...just a glorious day really. I took the kids out to Shawnee Lake with a picnic lunch. We sat under a pavillion and had our sandwiches. We walked part of the shoreline throwing in rocks, played on the playground and then sat on a blanket under a canopy of old trees in the shade. We played ring around the rosy and hide and go seek.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Here are some pics of the kids, these are just a sampling of the hundreds I am sure I have taken this summer.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Whirlwind Trip

This past weekend I made a mad dash to Oklahoma to meet up with my two best friends from high school. I don't think we've all been in the same room since I got married. Anyhow, I had to see my parents while I was there but they had plans to go to their lakehouse 100 miles away, so I went there as well. In three days the kids and myself, alone, covered 820 miles! Audrey cried for about half of them. Seriously. But we saw a lot of old friends and my kids met a lot of new people. Wyatt helped Pawpaw with a fence. He followed him like a shadow, it was cute. Sadie was the center of attention as usual. And Audrey, well, I held her for 3 days. She is such a momma's girl! I would post pictures but I left my CF card here so I have no documentation of this trip. Darn. The hummer performed better than I thought, I'd say it got about 16-18 mpg, but it sure is a nice ride. I realize that after I rent cars for work and then drive my car. It rides smooth and is the perfect size for traveling with the kids. I have enough cargo room, I can reach all three of them if need be and I have the nifty upolstery treatment to prevent any stains! Despite all the driving the kids had fun swimming, fishing, staying up WAAAAYYYY too late and playing. It is nice to be home though in my own bed without any little feet poking me in the back or feet wrapped around my neck at 4 am. Oh, I have new sheets because of an incident with Wyatt and nail polish. So it is nice to be home. Yes, I think of Topeka, KS as home now!