Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost pics...

I am sooo mad because I lost all my recent photos to a corrupt CF card. Our trip to Atlanta (entailing pics at the aquarium), our farm trip and Matt's first turkey of the season pictures were on there. I am getting over it but it still just ticks me off!

On the upside, I got a new car! Not that we needed one but it sure is nice to treat yourself in a big way once in a while. It is a boulder gray metallic hummer H3. It rides great and looks cool. Better than the wagon, ha! I liked the wagon but we felt like an upgrade, what can I say, we are suckers for a good deal.

I am also happy that is FINALLY warming up. We just had snow flurries last week and now it is in the 70's. Tomorrow is yard work and I'll be glad to get that done.

All is well for the Getz's in NE Kansas.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ohhhh, Atlanta!!!!

So we are back! We spent 5 days with the "cousins" and Sadie keeps crying and asking to go back. We had tons of fun. We went to the Atlanta aquarium (at $27.00 a head- crazy), took the kids bowling, went shopping at the Mall of Georgia and hung out with the family. All in all, a great time. The kids did great on the flight. I'll be putting pics up as soon as I get them edited.